Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog Virgin

So everyone else I know seems to have a blog. I like reading their blogs. They make me laugh. Sometimes out loud at work and then people stare at me. 

I always say - I should do that. Then I never do. (Same thing applies to getting back into photography, running, finishing home repairs, making the cat lose weight, etc. etc). Well I did it! Go me! I have a blog.

Blog=Jen is cool

Anyhoo - I live in the good ole state of Delaware with my husband, Tim and our overweight cat, Bonnie. I like stupid, random facts. I like wine. I fall down a lot. I have insanely weird luck. I think they all may be related. Tim says I have issues - I say I **SPARKLE**. Needless to say life isn't dull.


  1. That's OK, I have the innate tendency to somehow lose my grip on things I'm holding for no good reason. For example: I'll be handling a crystal vase carefully. Nothing happens, I'm just holding it, when suddenly it springs to life and attempts to leap out of my hands to it's sparkly death below. Sometimes I catch it...sometimes I don't. Fun!

  2. And I have the incredible talent of starting kitchen renovations in May by ripping out all of the appliances and cabinets and then not doing anything about it until the following January.

    See? We've all got issues. :D

  3. I'm going to need you to go ahead and make some more posts...